Learning things from Teh Life, Teh You, Teh me, and Teh Path 

Ergh. Erghexthatix. Thats all I have to say in the vein.
Life you ask? Well it's still going I suppose. I've been hidden away in the under relm rebuilding the Roberkian persona. Branching out. Taking pages from other people's books to create a new spin on the already existing self.

Teh Life is the basis for Teh Me, the you and Teh Path. Teh Life is a new term everyone should use when thinking about their life. As it stands, i'm living my Teh Life with alot of Teh You, which I'll explain later, and Teh Me, which will also have its moment.

Teh path is the first and foremost aspect that should be considered when you talk about your own Teh Life. As it stands, my Teh Path has brought me wealth and happiness, but also the same amount of anger and sorrow. So that would make Teh Me a "Rhakzalianite". The Clargaxian word for "middlegrounded".

If one were to have a great deal of anger and sorrow in one's life then one's Teh Me would be a "Forgaxlianite". The Clargaxian word for "hyperdescern".

If one were to have a great deal of wealth and happiness in one's life then one's Teh Me would be a "Sarghackslianite". The Clargaxian word for "gladself".

The Teh Path is also influenced by Teh You. You as the people influence my days. Especially the human race which I am, so Teh human You seems to relate to my Teh Me. When someone interacts with my Teh Me with their Teh You then the resulting combination affects Teh Path and changes Teh me, Teh You, Teh Me's You, Teh You's Me and the respective Teh Paths of both individuals involved.

Pretty much thats my new basis for life. Now if I could jsut get Teh Truth for once, I'd be Teh Happy. Come on Teh Truth, just give me my moment. Let the light shine through. Loomk at pictures of great things and people now!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This comic has a greater meaning. It's actually the prelude to a new comic series I'm working on called "Cosmic Underpants and Princess Girl (who is also wearing unda pants)". It might be a risky project at the rights aren't completly mine, but that didn't stop me from creating Spiderhero...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Oooook There Bud...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I know it's a little late in November for this, but Halloween was a good time this year. Here's a picture I took from the outside of this rad party I was at.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is a battle I had to referee for. Corey Hart versus Goh Phyuck Yu!. There was no clear victor, and they are still in court to find out who won. 35 bucks were at stake. I don't mean money.

Normally an update after this much time would bring more hilarity and poeticry, but its Teh Time to Teh Sleep! I miss Los Angeles.


Midnight Submissions And The T 

well, it looks like i'm Roberk, and since you aren't I have to give you what you want. Crap to look at when you're bored. So I got to thinking. What does the Roberkian public want to see? And I realized it was:

more Hulk Hogan,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

more Carl Winslow,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

not to be confused with Cal Winslow,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

or Al Winslow,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And Especially Mr. T.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Fast Fact'd!: Hulk Hogan actually TEAMED UP with Mr. T (or the T man as I called him when we were buddies in teh 'Nam) to kill Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff.

So I've been going night time exckursitions to the rabid underbelly that is Hogofogo, Mogo Schogo, and I realized I can get alot of thoughts put to paper. Basically what I want to introduce too you is the concept of other Dimensions. They do exist, and you'll find out why.

To put it in perspective, think about our dimension. Our knowledge base and the evolution goes back to the dawn of time. Ever since the moment a random bunch or particles collided to begin to create a universe. Actually, for the time restrictions I'm going to have to get you to focus more on our galaxy. As humans you do it anyway, but saying that is like saying zorgaxians do flagerchistle flopiananiously. HAHA I crack myself up.

So you have a baby galaxy that grows over time creating many dimensions. I hope you're still with me cause it gets more complicated...

=-Continuing Dream-=
=-The First Age-=

Our story begins on Orath. The dimensional equal to earth. There are slight differences however. Like our big bang that created the galaxy as we know it, it had a bang of it's own.

As you can see here, we have a ripe, young galaxy in some universe, connected to the solarverse. Much like your earth is.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Much like the random configurations of particles that collide to create universi, and lifeverses, this caused the infamous little bang. There was a bizarre side effect to the little bang.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Though the evolutionary rate was very slow on Earth, Orath as a dimensional counterpart grew rapidly, and the galaxy was filled with life in a small period of time. As races flourished and wars were fought on orath,small plants and bacteria simply began to appear on Earth.

During the first age of the Guilty Flag galaxy, there was a big problem with space bandits and space pirates that had bases in the outer rim of planets. Your pluto was the home of the Superpire. Vornot the Ender was the lord of the galaxy, and only one hero was strong enough to fight his will.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
=-Nornot The Defender-=

Notnot battled across all of the planets for the galactic policia, also known as the Defenders, nearly defeating intergalactic terrorism for the Defenders and would bring peace to the galaxy. This was foiled, however, and as you see here Nornot was seduced to the dark end of the Galaxy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

After this, all heck broke to the loose, and eventually the darkness spread to Orath.

That pretty much sums up the First Age in the Continuing Dream Saga. The second age is also pretty epic, as is the rest of the story. So stay tuned for more of that. Since I, Roberk, can see and know all I'll probably tell some of the side stories of Nornot's epic saga so stay tuned for that too.

=-Ant Attack-=
I just fought an Ant
It appeared on my pant
with my pen I deflected
picked it up and recolected
is what it did while it thought
came back and tried to start
but I put the pen down
and it turned the other round now

When the Hell did this happen???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thats some golden for ya. I'm gonna go collaberate with Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison on some new rock idea that Barry White wants to do. Personally I think it can work, but it has to be done right. I'm Roberk, have a good one.


Evil is Evil by any other name... And Pictures! 

It's been a mere few days, and look what I'm here doing again. Updating my blog. So my incredibly huge fanbase of muggers and superheros can listen to me rant about whatever i feel like ranting about. So lets take a path down memory lane...


=-Dragon Smeared!!!!!-=

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pretty much had dragons and far east on the brain...

=-Plague Dogs=-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the original work, done by your's truly, but they passed on it. I never found out to this day why...

-=Montreal 'd!=-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Pretty much this is Montreal in the winter. And foggy. Its pretty cool looking.

-=Yea Dad=-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My dad's spiderman collection...Well one of them...With a few other hilarities in there. Pretty rock and roll if ya ask me...

So there's that. There's this really shady looking drive way down the street. Then I looked up and realized there were alot of trees around.



Hey Man! Look at me Rockin' Out! 

Whats up world. As you can see I added my www.myspace.com/spiderhero account. If you can't see, it's right by my counter. Um, I have some random hilarity to add since I havnt posted anything original in a while... Well since the spiderhero fiasco I like to call a comic. I have a weird poem, some pictures and I'd just like to say hello to the americans on this fourth of july.

I have one question for you; Why don't presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?

Well, I mainly jsut wanted to throw that out there since im addicted to mezmerize, and I thought I hated SOAD, but it turns out they fuggin rock if it's loud.

OK, heres a picture I like to call "the newest heroic duo":

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And now a random writing from one of the books:

Porter Corterican
Pour a Quarter Reekin Gin
Pour a Quart a Reekin Gin
Record a Quarter Reekin Gin
Preorder order leakin Gin
Record a Quarter leakin Gin
Border order peakin dinner
reorder more deorder eagle sin
Quarter Porter Seekin Quid

That was hard to write... I'm gonna puke for a min, brb....

OK, that was awesome. Well I guess that's it for this post. Don't worry, to the small fanbase I still have left, check back soon as I'll be updating more often. I'm Roberk, That's all.


Holy Shiite, It's Been Awhile 

Wow... It's like I dropped off the face of the earth for almost 3 monthes or something. I bet this update will go un-noticed until I like tell people about it or something... Well I need a game plan, and this is the prelude to great things. In the coming monthes there will be updates. Glorious updates with spiderhero comics, poems, and events. Lets see what I've failed to tell my public about up until now.

My 20th B-day - pretty un-eventful... went to the keg and blew 200 bucks... then went to the seahorse a few nights later.. w00t...

4/20/05 - Huhuh 4:20 on the calender was cool. I got all high and stuff... But that isnt really a change. I don't remember what I did,

Dropped out of school - Yea I know it isn't really something to brag about, but general arts and science sucks. I got through high school, but this course was all like "hey man why dont you do more high school". So I realized that, and that was that.

Got a Job - I'm a cook at pizza hut, and it will remain this way until I decide wtf im gonna do with my life...

Final Fantasy 11 - I got my level 57. This is a landmark for me as it's the highest level ever achieved by spiderhero, my main name for mmos, in a mmorpg. congrats you level 57 red mage.

Wow, I like did alot in the last few monthes... I hope to do more in the next few. Stuff is cool.

This will pretty much be me pretty soon, but with brown hair. notice the pimp hat... I can die a happy person knowing I got the RDM pimp hat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Spiderhero Rocks Your Face 

Well it's been awhile since I actually posted something worth looking at. I have here the very first Spiderhero comic I ever drew re-done in the amazing and highly technical software known as "Paint". So without further adoo, or however that's spelled, here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I hope that was enjoyable. There's more to come, and yes, there are actual story lines and hilarity. I was looking through the old black book of tricks and found the rules to a newfie game we played with some newf once. Youse know who youse is der bye. Less yer wants yer hed throwd a boulder at it.

Fuck Up Rules - Played with cards; drinking game.
2 - 5: Drink.
6 : Person to the left drinks.
7 : Person to the right drinks.
8 : Sociable - Everyone drinks.
9 : Rule - Someone makes up a rule that continues on for the rest of the game.
10 : Drink Until - Pick someone and tell them to drink until you tell them to stop.
Jack : Piss card - like a get out of jail free card, but for taking a wizz.
Queen: Never Ever - Say something you've never ever done, but if someone else has done said thing, they must drink.
King : Buzz - Count around the circle, and at each interval of 5 you say buzz and switch the direction you count in.
Ace : Rule - Same as before.

Awesome eh? It's very hilarious with hard liquor, especially if you're already drunken. Now for a heart-felt poem to an ex girlfriend:

+=+Fine Wine+=+

Her mind an open resource of imagination
She exists in a flow that excites
I can't remove my mind from her thought
She is a fine wine, but don't over indulge
She will spit you out as wine can't
This is easy for her and she knows
Her book is closed but I left a bookmark

Yea, basically things have changed since then, becasue I have realized whos who in the situation, but I've vowed to never air my personal shit on here. A chapter is over and I can move on.

Well that's that for this time. Hopefully i can keep creating and have something else to post in the near future, rather then in 2 monthes like last time. I'm Roberk, and you aren't.


It is, But it Isn't 

Hello world. It is me Roberk once again telling you how things are. I don't think I have posted since early February, but you'd be fine with it if you knew what I've been through. Thats alright though, you don't and I keep on keepin' on. Today is special. i have decided this is the official 1 year birthday for my Blog. I realize that technically my last post was the birthday, but I want to landmark it. Today is also my homie Mohandlow's birthday. He turns the big 2-0 and I wish him the best in his endevours. In a year from today I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing, but I can bank on the fact that he will be able to drink in the United States, and I'll have to wait another month, link I have to do now in order to turn 20. Well, that's a lie. I'm actually 37, so that means that I've been legal for years. But only a select few know whats really what. At any rate, Happy B-day Blog and happy B-day Moh, you're both motherfuckers, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Stay tuned becaue next time I post there will be more pictures and a poem to an ex that is actually nicer then it should be. Roberk reporting; I'm fizz.


People you may or may not find in your neighborhood... 

Hello world, I have no poetic justice for you this time, however I do have 2 more people yadda yadda yadda. So I'll keep it short and sweet. BTW, I've edited my links and weeded out some of the non woring links and such. If you want your site added jsut leve the url in my comments, unless you are a douche bag who is trying to make me look at porn laced with spyware, then death will be your santa clause. I also added Jason's sociology blog. It's not bad, worth it if you love sociology.

So here we go.

Yet more people you may or may not find in your 'hood...

Crack Whore


Well word to your momma and such. Untill next time, I'm roberk, and you obviously aren't.


More People You Might Find In Your Neighborhood 

Well it's time to share with my "peeps" my artwork for the people you might find in your 'hood. I also have a poem about how trying to sleep sucks sometimes. I'm almost finished Paper Mario: The Thousand year Door. It's the bomb hazzard. So I guess I'll Show you my goods, and maybe someday I'll see your's too.

Soccer Mom


Well that's that as they say. I guess I'll move on too my poem.

=-=No Sleep in the Sleep Room=-=

Laying, eyes open
ceiling is what I see
too many times before I've found
it's impossible to dream
No pictures across my eyelids
no dayglogoric beams
I'm laying here thinking
Why can't sleep slip through the seams?
Looking at the clock again
It's 30 minutes later my friend
Still no sleep for me to see
no images plastered on the wall to be
tecnicolor surreal dreams for me
I jsut want to fall deep in the sleepy sea
wait a sec, I'm falling now
Actually no, brain won't allow
for me to fall asleep and fantasize
jsut laying there with open eyes
she moves across to place an arm
I stay quite still, theres no alarm
now comforted and tucked right in
holy sheite, I see the sand
and over there is a marching band
they're wearing pink, and blue, and teal
one hundred fifty baby veal
a palm tree isnt supposed to have wings
neither are cats, cars or wing dings
clouds arent purple and bats dont have steaples
I split the ground and see all the people
This isn't right I know the score
Look over there, a persian whore
I must be dreaming, no thats not right
I'm in my bed, I've been here all night.

Well I hope you all liked that, It took me like 10 minutes to write. Bug humbar. I'll have more people from the hood next time cause people seem to like it. I've gotten a positive response thus far. i have many more to come. I'm thinking of adding my own video game music chart to track good VG music. If you have any ideas for placements for songs on the top 20 let me know via my guestbook. Anyway, I'm Roberk, and you've been Roberkiscized.


Hey look! I can have a Title now! 

Sweet. I can totally add sweet titles now. I I wanted to add like "This post must be read" I totally can, totally. ...

So I decided to start a little project. It's called "People You Might Find In Your Neighborhood" to try and draw attention back to my awesome blog 2000 from the future. I also wrote a country song. So here are some people you might find in a neighborhood near you.



Well theres a couple people for you people. And now, A country song! Make up your own tune, I may or may not write a song to go with it, but since I don't play for a country band I probably won't.

+==-Redneck Country-==+

Well, my truck dun left me
and my dog broke down
and my girlfriend ran away
Im jsut sittin here
cryin in my beer
and I'm too drunk to know the way
I can't see three feet in front
and even less in the back
but tonight I ain't goin gay
All I know is that my truck dun left me
and my dog broke down
and my girl, she ran away
now I'm sittin in this dank lil bar
drinkin' my problems away
And I know I have my problems mixed up
but I really don't care without my pickup truck
my bitch was loyal and my dog was too
but now they're all memories that gotta be drowned with booze
cause my truck dun left me
and my dog broke down
and my girlfriend ran away
I'm jsut sittin here
cryin' in my beer
and I'm too drunk to know the way

Bartender: Sal?
Sal: yea bartend?
Bartender: You went home to the right trailer lastnight right?
Sal: Yea, 231 Trailerway!
Bartender: Well I thought you lived at 233 trailerway.
Sal: ...
Bartender: You better get home to your truck, woman and dog!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post. I know I have an iffy over it. Perhaps some of my best work to date. if youdecide to steal it, credit me or I'll sue your face. It's all copywritten MUAH HAHAHAH! I mean, thank you and good day! Roberk removing self.


okokokokokokokokok. This is the first post of 2005 for me and i'm not even sure if anyone reads this anymore. So the essay was long winded and nobody cares what jason phillips creates with googleism.com. But I guess I'll try going back to the classic Roberk Knoweluv setup and give you a poem and some picture action. The picture is a concept I've been thinking of for a while now and I built a title with paint.

Thats what I have so far on my internet comic, but I promise that Spider-Hero will make a cameo or 10. Also, I have a poem that a randomly wrote while watching "The Miracle of Life" in Bio. College Bio none the less. It allowed me to come up with the golden idea that became a comic called "Dude Where's my Cervix" and I saw a penis become erect in heat-o-vision, some sperm navagate a vaginal canal, and a baby being born from that very same vagina. Oddly it has nothing to do with the miracle of life, but it is called...

+--=The Journey=--+
The Journey is a long one
like a burst of energy from the summer's sun
I take my bow to the large sized crowd
There are many nay sayers that make way
on the road to the end, my friend
A first person view of the world surrounding
A third person view of the world abound
There are eagles that fly above, overhead
There are corpses lying below me, lying eternal, dead
Too many checkpoints cause me to suffer
I don't want to show you my stuff sir
Continuing on is always easy
The bad food might make you quesy
I forgot about the beings like quasars
they fly through space and are like flash cars
I'm with them now, traversing another dimension
Can't wait to work this trip to a gnarly pension
It takes one hundred years to make a mind
Just as long as you have a spine
Falling faster into an omniverse
Several driving forces persuade my purse
Im a man and my purse is a wallet
I have no need for it here in dollet
A thousand fires like the cats meow
Traveling faster down and down
A glowing vortex of eternal doom
A darkened cyclone of existing boom
The road gets shorter as I continue on
Until the end, my friend, has come and gone...

Well that's that. Happy 5 month annaversary to my beautiful girlfriend HE. She is the love I love from above my love. Thanks to my homies down south int he hoods still keepin on keepin on. Roberk Knoweluv will Roberk Roberkingly


I have decided to post an essay I jsut finished. It is the story of my musical career with a VH1 "Behind the Music" feel to it. awesome. Here goes.

I want to tell you that I am a musician, and I think this based on my career thus far, which includes several live shows as well as my musical talent based on my band history. I started when I was 16 with a bass, no amp and no bands. Then in the middle part of my career I was in 2 bands, one of which I was the creative force behind the music. I look to the future now that I have played shows, and hope to make the Hot Villians, my current band world famous.
It was at the age of 16 when my father finally broke down and decided music would be a good idea. I had a bass guitar that was lent to me by a friend that I taught myself on and realized that I needed to delve deeper into the musical world so many of my other friends had already started working at getting into. The bass I got was only a hundred bucks and it still sounds good to this day. I took the loaner back and started focusing time and energy into getting better on my own. I never did get lessons.
Soon after, my friend Jacob has started playing guitar, so we formed a drum-less band, at that time called Jacksquat that would eventually be changed to The Hot Villians along with another friend, Aaron, and we began to jam. We started as a funk band and I wrote a few songs, that we still use to this day. Hits such as “Funk-star”, “Space Modulator” and “Radio De-active”. At the same time I was asked to join an established rock-and-roll band called Robert Goulet, named after the world-famous lounge singer of the same name. This band was better as it was already a year old and had lots of songs. Such songs as “Jungle Gym Fever”, and “Testosterone” were in the song line up and we had a great time playing. This band helped me to play my first shows, and end any shard of stage fright I may have had.
Robert Goulet played may shows together. We played at the late Cleidah Connection on Barrington St. several times, as well as a QEH Coffee House and the Dartmouth Mic Mac Amateur Aquatic Club. Our finest show was at Club Red on Gottigen St. where we played with Black Out ’66 and The Heelwalkers. Both bands are very well known around Halifax and it got us some exposure to people who normally wouldn’t see us play.
At the same time, we had a drummer for The Hot Villians now and it was the same person, Issac, who was the drummer for Robert Goulet. I was writing new songs every time we jammed and our better songs came from these sessions. Some songs written at this time include “Spazzletatter”, “Best Band Alive” and “Omniverse”. At this time we removed our singer, Aaron, and decided to stay instrumental for the time being.
Then things took a turn for the worse. The next thing that happened was the break up of Robert Goulet over creative differences, failing to produce a studio album, and the lack of organization and enthusiasm in the jam sessions. No songs were being produced, and we were goofing off instead of making good music. Luckily I had my back-up band to go to. But then another problem arose. Issac left The Hot Villians and I was left with a guitarist and myself, a bassist.
Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they began to get better. Jacob and I found a new drummer who is very talented. I also took the initiative and decided we should jam more, and we began to jam weekly, rather then monthly as we had previously thought to be an adequate amount. The new sessions have brought us great songs like “Antafrica”, “Cryin’ and Diein’”, and “Can’t Fight Crime in the Rain”.
Now, we jam every week, no matter what, and we have been booking jam time at a place called Area 52 on Gottigen St. where we can jam for three hours for only 35 dollars. We can also have professional recording capabilities there and we plan on starting the recording process in the near future.In conclusion, I am a musician, and I think this based on my career thus far, which includes several live shows as well as my musical talent. Based on the history I have presented I feel strongly that I will have a career in music and this will present me with a very good future. Thank you.

Well thats that. Let me know what you think if you managed to get through it all. /wookie call.


Ok a couple things. I tried out that googleism.com thinggy. It appears as though jason phillips is the field writer for an online adventure/travel magazine created for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Which comes as a complete suprise to me. Heres some other things that Jason Phillips is. He is a great friend of mine and will appreciate this exponentially:

jason phillips is an intern with the architecture
jason phillips is an outstanding defensive catcher who throws the ball real well
jason phillips is being evaluated by a doctor in pittsburgh and is expected to need surgery to remove bone spurs in his elbow
jason phillips is not in the all
jason phillips is expected to be called up to start in his place
jason phillips is on the dl with inflammation in his right elbow
jason phillips is a senior manager
jason phillips is second batting
jason phillips is a major league winner and i can not tell you just how excited the 'ole lefthander is at this moment
jason phillips is taking pre
jason phillips is off to a fantastic start this season with a 6
jason phillips is a vice president of the investment bank wit soundview corporation
jason phillips is one of the best distance runners in the state
jason phillips is very mature
jason phillips is a senior trumpet player at dunlap for the 2002
jason phillips is center
jason phillips is here with the coast team from germany
jason phillips is an
jason phillips is the chief operating officer at allison business group
jason phillips is not recovering as fast as i have hoped
jason phillips is a catcher with the norfolk tides
jason phillips is eighth
jason phillips is usbr pm
jason phillips is back with the tribe
jason phillips is so respected
jason phillips is searching for
jason phillips is a kid the tribe picked off the dung heap from buffalo who is doing really well
jason phillips is a guy the tribe picked up last year who has done well for what it is worth
jason phillips is hitting
jason phillips is on the disabled list with a sprained left ankle
jason phillips is not our long
jason phillips is sort of excessive
jason phillips is expected to lead the team in scoring with his accurate outside shooting
jason phillips is dead
jason phillips is a former 24th round pick out of san diego state and is currently a triple
jason phillips is expected to be recalled and join the tribe rotation
jason phillips is at the point in his pitching career in which every game is virtually a tryout
jason phillips is featured in this video

Hey, what the hell, I'll do me too.

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about roberk knoweluv yet.

Cry Cry.. They'll knowe my name soon enough. pardon the pun.

Now some concept art for the new Spiderhero Comic!

Well thats that for now. See Team America:World Police. You'll laugh. I promise. Dr. knoweluv sees all.


This is the sound of me posting a picture.
I did this to test if it was this easy to post pictures on my blogserville. So enjoy. I call it: Capital eff.

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